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24. Female. USA.
I'm from the land where the official snack is boiled peanuts.


“can you post a nude”

I post n00dz all day err day.

You know those little asshole kids that are so ungrateful and just spoiled brats to the point where they are little pricks?? The worst part being the fact that they aren’t even a teenager yet. That’s my brother and I’m getting real tired of listening to him not only whine and bitch but LITERALLY cry because he doesn’t get his way. He’s literally in my living room crying right now because I don’t have any cereal at my house for him to eat and I won’t go to the grocery store to buy him some. I’m sorry I’m not your mother, this is my house if you want cereal you can wait until you get to your house. And if this little brat slams one more door in MY HOUSE, I’m going to make him sit outside in the 60 degree weather until his mom comes and get him.

#AHHHHHHHH! #This has been a rant #So I don't harm someone
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